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Hello there! I’m Jill. Welcome to my “Up With Usborne” bookshop! I named my website “Up With Usborne” because I believe that kids and their parents are teeming with unlimited potential, or “UP." Usborne Books & More provides amazing educational products and a rewarding business opportunity that unleash potential and create a world of possibilities! Whether you’re here to shop for exceptional books for your family, to learn more about what Usborne Books & More has to offer, or to visit my blog, thanks for stopping by! Please let me know how I can assist you!

Usborne Books & More provides engaging books for kids of all ages. Our books fuel curiosity, teach social skills, and foster a lifelong love of learning. We believe, “the future of our world depends upon the education of our children.” Nurturing children’s interest in books not only gives them an academic advantage, it also opens their world to things that they wouldn’t experience otherwise- making them more empathetic, open-minded, and knowledgable. Usborne Books & More’s commitment to literacy and delivering outstanding educational products is one way we fulfill our mission to “touch the lives of children for a lifetime.”

Join Usborne, Become a Change Maker

Usborne Books & More puts incredible books in children’s hands through independent consultants. Independent consultants, like myself, share engaging books that kids love; promote literacy in our communities; help families, charities, and schools earn free books; and build new skills and confidence- all while earning fun incentives, expanding our family libraries and making income that positively impacts our family budgets.

You can become an Usborne Books & More consultant, too! There are many benefits to joining my Change Makers team and being part of our literacy mission. Here are a few:


Potential to make consistent income: Your new consultant kit + our team’s invaluable new consultant training and support system = All the tools you need to for an awesome book business. If you’re interested in leadership, we will provide you with additional training and support and you’ll make even more income by mentoring your team.


Low risk: Getting started with Usborne Books & More doesn’t require a large investment. In fact, it’s likely that you will make the cost of getting started back on your very first book party! Although the risk is low, the income potential is substantial. In fact, our team has many consultants who make career level income, with part-time hours.


Personalized mentoring from me: I love to mentor new consultants and when you join my Usborne Books & More team, you will receive personal guidance. I will teach you proven systems and skills, so you can start making money right out the gate. You are not left on your own to figure it out!  Whatever your business goals are, I’ll be here when you need suggestions or have questions. I’m committed to supporting your success!


Privilege of blessing children and their families: Perhaps the most meaningful benefit becoming an Usborne Books & More consultant is that you will help children and families make memories through story time; support healthy brain development by providing a critical alternative to screen-time; and fuel creativity, curiosity, and love of learning in children. You will change the world, one book at a time. It’s the best.

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