Part Time Home Based Jobs For Moms

There are a lot of work-from-home opportunities for mothers like you and me, but a lot of women are often worried that if they took one up, they would eventually end up neglecting their home duties or raising their children. I’m here to tell all moms who have considered a stay-at-home job that not only will you NOT abandon your family or familial responsibilities, having a job can sometimes even increase your ability to parent even better. Though I am not going to get into the logistics of how that is, as a work-from-home mom myself, I decided to compile a list of the best home-based jobs for moms and what is available to people like us if we are serious about making a little extra money for ourselves or our families.


Anyone who fancies themselves a good typer may be cut out for a job as home-based transcriptionist. The work hours are often flexible, though not always, and the potential to make money doing it is fairly high. Many medical centers or doctors, even in your area, need their notes and recordings transcribed, so do your research and see which job may be the best for your needs and family.

Work-at-Home Assistant

Also known as “virtual” assistants, these work-from-home moms often work for business professionals who require assistants to do technical work, such as schedule appointments, read and draft emails, and even work on the company’s website. There are often a lot of job listings for virtual assistants nowadays, so finding something you like shouldn’t be too difficult.


Something utterly critical in the age of information is that we have the skills to understand and interpret the information. Tutors for anything from language to math to history are commonly needed, and not just for children. If teaching is something you enjoy or have a passion for, online tutors can make some good money.


Websites are the here and now. Without them, companies hardly look legitimate and at the very least look poor/unprofessional. There is a lot of demand for website developers to create outstanding websites for businesses, even from the comfort of your own home. If you have some good WordPress and development skills, there are businesses out there that would likely benefit from your help. The times are flexible and the potential to make money is pretty good.

Usborne Books and More Independent Consultant

While I have looked all around for the perfect stay at home job for me and my family, I came across the opportunity to sell children’s books from the comfort of my home and I have never looked back. I am an independent consultant for a company called Usborne Books and More, and the company specializes in selling literature to children of all ages. As a seller, I work completely from the comfort of my own home and get to sell books to families who otherwise don’t often have good books for their children. This is by far my favorite home-based job for moms, and I have much more information about it when you follow this link.

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