Tips for the Working Stay-at-Home Mom

Balancing your life as a mom and a working professional can be really difficult, especially if you run your professional life in the same place you run your personal life – the home. I know this first-hand as an Usborne Books & More consultant. I am a mother, but I also have a career and business I run straight from my house. In doing so, I have learned the tips for the working stay-at-home mom and how to balance my time between work and raising children. If you are interested in becoming a work-from-home professional yourself and/or are considering joining my team to become an Usborne independent consultant, keep reading for an insider’s look at my top three tips for managing your work and family life.

1. Manage Your Time and Schedule

One of the things you would be wise to do starting as an Usborne consultant and overall work-from-home mommy is making sure you set specific times for work and raising kids. In a way, it is like setting your own “office hours” where you only allow work-related matters take priority. By setting specific times in the day where you are at work, you will be able to set an expectation with your family and yourself to increase your productivity and improve your business. To do this, you will want to decide which days you are going to work and which time of the day is the best (nap times, depending on the child, can last from 2.5 to 3 hours a day, for example, and are often a popular choice). If you need a babysitter or nanny, sometimes this is even doable if your business is taking off. The most important thing is that when you make a schedule for yourself, be sure to evaluate which times are best for what and stick to it with consistency.

2. Separate Your Work and Family Life with Boundaries

Another good tip for stay-at-home moms is to set boundaries for yourself and your children. These can be metaphorical or physical, but boundaries will help you set expectations and goals about what you ultimately would like to achieve. An example of a boundary may include locking the door so your children don’t interfere with your business. Another boundary might mean recognizing your limits or making a goal every day and not stopping until that limit or goal is reached. If you work with boundaries in your life in general, your business and family life both will flourish.

3. Don’t Try to Do It All and Be Successful 100% of the Time

There are plenty of moms out there that want to be the best, most attentive stay-at-home mother while they are also working and dedicated 100% of their attention to work at a certain time of the day. The fact is that when you are being a mom, you need to be a mom, and when you are working, you need to work. The best way to avoid the temptation to do it all is asking for assistance during the day, whether it is from your husband, a neighbor, or a paid nanny. The most successful people in life didn’t get to where they are alone – they had to rely on others for help, and so should you.

Stay-at-Home Work for Usborne Independent Consultants

It is crucial to think about these things, especially if you are on my team. I want you to be able to find a healthy balance of work and nurture for your family, and I can personally attest it is possible to work from home effectively, even while you are raising kids. If you are interested in learning more or would like to take the plunge into a better work-from-home opportunity with me, please visit this link to learn all about how you can join my team!

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